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After 12 years in the nonprofit and corporate philantropic sectors, Anna Ortiz is pursuing a career in graphic design. She is currently enrolled in UC Berkeley's Extension Graphic Design certification program. It's her hope to gain fundamental skills to create effective, clear, and creative designs. Anna will complete her certification Spring 2018. Upon her completion of the program, she plans on continuing her higher education and will apply to the Art Academy's Graphic Design graduate program.

Anna is a San Francisco native still living in her beloved home town. On her free time, she loves taking street photography and painting, but her her most favorite thing is finding and photographing graffiti murals durings her travels.

Design and Photography

PhotoShop poster I created for the Women's March displayed on a bus stop terminal

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Brand Identity Photoshoped business cards I created for Brand Identity project

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Brand Identity Logo I created placed on a white coffee mug

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Fitness website's homepage design that I created on Photoshop displayed on a laptop

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Photoshop Valentine's Day Digital Card. Card has bananas with a pink background

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Graffiti mural I photographed with my Canon camera. Image has a shallow depth of field.  Hindu god Ganesh has a message stating 'Stop Evicting Locals

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Brand Identity Logo imprinted on a button worn by protestors

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A realistic Playstation Controller I created with Photoshop

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A photograph of a festival poster and brouchure I created on Photoshop

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A close up photograph of a commerical plane at the airport during sunrise.  The sky is pink and purple colors.  Photo taken with a Canon camera

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Valentine's Digital Card I created with photoshop. An illustration of an Asian girl's head among the clouds with a heart as a mouth and collage pattern hair.

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Peanut Butter and Bacon favored dog treat in a plastic packaging. I designed the packaging with Illustrator.

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Anna Ortiz

Graphic Design Student, Art Lover, Hobbyiest Photographer, Graffiti Mural Hunter, Travel Addict, Philanthropist of the Human Spirit ...


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